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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 26, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm PST

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finds people who txpq a w less likely to get heart disease than thosexd who ate ae1 low fat die. the studyt( followed thous.)65ñ people in spain over a five-yead period. so what is a mediterranean diet? grl nuts. but you got to say g&%5uz to the red meat and the sweets. when folks facew3 tough tim financially, xdman's best frien needs a little help too. 45,000 people across the country have signed up for this unique program, a food stamp program for their pets. pet food stamps, which is donation-based, takes a look at whether or not they qualify. now,jf if they do,fá theyt( rec freee1@(txf shelters across the country are h]pkng pet food stamps will hel1 low income families keep their pets and their dogs and cats out of overcrowded shelters. well, when michelle obama presented the academy e1award f
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best picture in the u.s., the first lady=í gown was, of course, a huge hit. was not the case in irane1iant(h wardrobe adding sleeves, raising the neck line on thee1çó glitte gown before circulating the image in iran. presumably it was a bit too revealinp for their culture, t before announcing best picture winner, mrs. obama,q she wore that dress to a white house dinner for the nation's governorsfá and, of course, the were no complaints. it was a gorgeous gown. "cnn newsroom" continues right now. it is the real life armageddon t(movie. scientists hope to crash a spaceship into an asteroid, all to prove we can be saved. the news is now.g a hot air balloon, full of pa&h% tourists, crashes to e1earth. but why? plus, the bi
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>> we should notfá have to move third bill before the senate getse1 off their -- and begins do something. >> accusations fly just three days before automatic cuts hit ) rrñu and -- ♪ who let the dogs out >> investigatorskoo7o looking this kid's parents, a 10-year-old rapper whose video is raising a fewó[ so is the criticism fair? we're on it. i'm brooke baldwin. good to see you. thew3 skies above egypt. take a look at some photos with me. becausexd you will see, this is the aftermath. these are the picturesçó that we decades. 19 people were killede1 today. and thisw3 is what is leftjf oft
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balloon. moments earlier, it wasw3 fille with tourists from ilr overxd europe, q#" asia. they were taking in the sites oá at( beautiful ancient city of luxor a thousand feet below when the gas canister explodeddó sending this balloon plummetikf to the çóearth. ian lee is live for us in cairo. what happened? whatlp caused this? >> reporter: well,i] brooke, wh we're hearingñ now is when theq balloon was starting to come down, descend to land, is when thisi] tragedy struck. one of the valves, we're hearing, opened up, sending a c flame, catching the balloonçó o fire. two peoplexd bailed out when it wasfá just about tenxd feetq of] ground, including the pilot, sending the balloon straight up into the air to about a thousand feet. perspective, theçó empire state building is roughly 1200 feet. so quite a long drop.
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people killed. the head ofñ)q civil aviation authority is in luxor to investigate this crash. he said the balloon operatori] s operating legally. but thee1xd minister -- sorry,i department of tourismçóxd says co(> ny has had somefá violatio, so the1gñ will be investigating whatçó actually happened, brook >> ian, when.; see this number 19, as far as how many people werexd killed, did anyoneñi sur? >> reporter: well, there with two people whoxd survived, a british man and the pilotñi of e hot air balloon. and t w only real reason theyv1 survived is they were able to bail out when the balloon was just about ten feet off the ground. but when it went straight up in the air, there was really not much anyone can dohen the 19 people from asia, fromxd europe, who were on that died in the crash.w3 >> so sad, as we said, most deadly in 20 years, more than 20 years. ian lee, thank you for me, in
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cairo. to the markets now. let's look at the numbers here. dow up 100 points now. two hours away from theçó closi bell. yesterday not so great here on wall street. i want to go toq business correspondent zain asher live in new york. a little more optimism when it comes to the stock market today and at least let's combine that with good news from the housing market, hallelujah, i'm sure that is perhaps fueling a bit of the lprebound.ok >> yes, brooke, certainly right. stocks getting some help today on the economy. you did mention the housingxd market. we had new home sales jump 15% in january from december. good news. and since new homesq are built from the ground up, they add constructionk jobs ande1 give businesses -- business to furniture and appliance ñistore in the meantime, home prices posted theirñr biggest annual re since the height of the housing boom in the fourth quarter. also want to mention consumer confidence improved more than expected in february.jfe1 all of this helping stocksñi recover from the dow's biggest sels
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also today, fed chiefb)ez bernankee1 appeared before the senate banking committee this get their act together aheadfá this friday's deadline on the forced budget cuts.e1 yú5rooke? >> i want to talk about this business story, something wew3 tackled with our panel yesterday, thee1 news from the yahoo! ceo marissa mayer. basically telling herxd employe they need to come to the office, right,jf no more telecommuting. she's facing backlash and not justxd coming from xdemployees, ÷meganame in big business, richard branson.t( what's he saying today? >> yeah, brooke,çó that's right3 richard branson coming out this morning sayinge1 that yahoo! ce marissa mayer is makingq a huge mistake. he actually called her decision backwards. he'sq saying, quote, we like to give people the freedom to work where they want, safe in the knowledge they have the drive and expertise to perform excellently, whether they're at their desk or in their kitchn& q8e also adds,e1 andw3 this isq] funny, yourst( truly has never worked out of an office and never will. butiáp lot ofxd people are argu
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that thise1i] might really compromise yahoo!'s ability to attract and retain talent. some saying that peoplejf who wk from home actually end up being more productive because they don't haveñi thet( added distran of drive bye1e1 meetings and ca focus on a single task through tracked on other smallerzv wor related tasks. we spoke to jennifer owens, the  media. she saysñi she was verynb disappointed with the yahoo! decision. >> at the same time, we weret( talking to panelists yesterday -- forgive me. >> i think that ju%y5aok ae1 b statement like this is veryce1 backwards thinking. and i think that they -- if they have problemokq employees-zit i not the working from home that is causing the 3wproblem.]pa&h% it is the, you jfkoknow, it is whatever managing thata5&emplor it is that employee isñr a problem. whatever. you have to look at these things as an individual case, and asq trueerself recently, she of all people should unde2j p'd the importance of that work-life balance, brooke. >> with her two week maternity
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leave she caughtt( açó bit of f on. i was going to say a lot of our panelists at the samee1jfok tim( look, working face to face with people is great, they're able to get catalystñr ofxd ideas,qxd e just walking into people, grabbing lunch. you can see it from bothq ways. i'm curious, zain,z( when you lk at the hard numbers, how common is working from home these days? >> okay, well,t( e1statisticwis 10% of employees work from home on a regular basis. not that many. but 98% of companies today offer employees at least one type of say aex policies are embedded in company culture. itfá really justt( t(e1de0"3qái% some companies are| love telecommuting because it saves the company money. the more people working in-house, the greater the cost. things like phonei]xd lines, e1 costs, cubicle space, costs companies money. >> zain asher, thank you, t(zai ation's midsection here. xdjf
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a late february blizzard.ñr feel ba9for that guy.ok something is goinge1 onxdfx(%q!% tire. this is kansas city, missouri, lookxd closely, ifokq you would. that snowçó drift, that snow drt in texas is close to three feet( deep. brrr. chadlpçó myers, i'm cold lookin this. chad is in the weather center. stand by. i wantxdñi to go first to erin mcpike, who i was e-mailing earlier saying, please stay warm, you say you haveq been so far. by the looks of yourxd surroundings, it looks chilly.xi >> reporter: the worst of the storm rightlp no7ñ" is over. it looks to be sleeting a little bit right now. but the storm itself is over. that does notfá éñ mean the pai e1 tell you. we haveok gotq about 38,000 pow outages still in kansas city. about 10,000 more infá texas an more+ in oklahoma and let me sw you why, brooke. look at ñie1this. the snow here is really, really
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heavy. if you get hit with something like this, it is reallya5ñr goo and bringing down power lines. ñ outages. also, 20 miles south of here, in belton, missouri, there was a whole building that collapsed because of this heavy snow. you know, last week, we were in wichita, and we sawu peo#s+ñ rooftops, because you want to get thatxd heavy snow off, so y building collapses like we had earlier today. brooke? >> erin m÷cpike, to all the people in kansas ñicity, put th snowballs down. move further away from the cars, they're zipping too close behind you. >> they are. >> that's the first thing i thought. like, move away. maybe the biggest difference between this storm and theñi la one, the winds. >> oh, yeah. >> pretty blowy out there. >> tremendousw3xd winds. especially parts of texas,ok kansas, even into nebraska and iowa. things are calming çów3down, th, brooke, right now. we don't have blizzard warnings. the heaviest snow backñi to
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western oklahoma ande1 amarillo. now the snow is here, almost omaha, des moines, across i-80, instead to the south where it was a couple of days ago. a lot of moisture, though, is being hogged by the 2@cn. this is great news. when we see this, we know that the snow amounts at the lo!z weather guys, even we putñr out are not going to make it. not going to gete1qçó up to 18,) running out, it is taking the moisture out of the storm and taking the punch out of what could be the snow part of the storm and it is raining out rather than snowing out. there is still going to be snow. chicago is still going to be in it. we saw ted there, the rain he had all day changed t(over to snow. they'llt( get a good 6 to 10,lp aurora and parts to the north. we have the snoweuu(sj here to prove it. now it has 6 to 10 inches, no longer the punch of 21. that's good. >> we'll take than rain instead of the snow. chad myers, thank you very much. husband wanted to kill people
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have to warn you right out of gate here, details on the next story are disturbing. new york police officer on trial right now accused of planning to kidnap, cook, and eat women including his own wife. she is the one who told the fbi and she was the first witness to testify against him. this is gilberto valle, charged with conspiracy to kidnap a woman and take a look at his apartment. this is where prosecutors say he logged on to these fetish websites, made these deadly plans with people from all over the world. now, his neighbors couldn't believe what was happening, apparently, right next door. >> it sounds like a movie, not anything real. >> it is kind of thing you only see on tv, really. the fact that it is in the building makes it extra. >> and he's a police officer. >> even worse.
11:16 am
>> now it is up to a jury to determine if this man is guilty of conspiracy to kidnap. cnn's national correspondent deborah feyerick was in court yesterday. she joins me now from new york. and also cnn legal analyst sunny hostin. so, deb, can you hear me? sunny -- >> i can hear you. i'm listening to you from a television just behind me. here it is. okay, go ahead, brooke. >> we'll roll with it, deb feyerick, my first question to you is what is the feeling inside the courtroom today? >> you know, it is really fascinating. what prosecutors now are trying to do is they have put several women on the stand who actually knew gilberto valle, what they're trying to do is establish that some of his alleged targets were women who he knew either from high school or from college, and they're going over text messages and e-mails about the kind of relationship they had. so far there has been nothing really explosive, nothing showing that he was in any way stalking them. almost a casual conversation
11:17 am
that you would have with any friend. but they are trying to establish that, in fact, he did know them. and so that when he's talking to other people online, that, in fact, they're about specific people. however, the defense is saying, no, wait a minute, look, yeah, did he mention this woman's name maureen? yes, he did. but, he changed details like the last name, the college, the age, how he knew her, where she lives. so what the defense is trying to say is, well, of course he was fantasizing about certain women he knew, but it doesn't mean he was actually setting them up to actually be victimized. that's what they're trying to show. >> if there is no evidence, sunny hostin for you, this is a as fascinating legal angle, at what point does one cross the line from having delusions, fantasies of committing a crime, to actually committing a crime? >> are you sure you're not a lawyer, brooke? that really is the legal -- >> i've been talking to you for a long time. >> that's really the crux of the issue here.
11:18 am
when does it turn -- when does this sort of dark, sick, twisted fantasy become criminal, when does it become a crime. i say it becomes criminal when you take that step in furtherance of the fantasy. so, yes, perhaps you know the person, and perhaps you are on the fetish website, but you're changing the terms and you haven't approached the woman, you haven't grabbed the woman, you haven't kidnapped the woman, you haven't done anything in furtherance with the sick, twisted fantasy. without that, i can't quite see how the prosecution gets over that very difficult hurdle. remember, this is beyond a reasonable doubt, in a federal criminal prosecution. i'm kind of -- i'm a little worried about the prosecution in this case. >> deb, does he testify in his own defense? will we know? >> it is not clear whether he's going to testify. brooke, i have to tell you, this is a courtroom, this is a very sore august courtroom. i spent months covering the story of martha stewart, the u.s. embassy bombing trial. and listening to this particular
11:19 am
trial is really interesting, the fact they brought on the wife, the one who initially basically discovered or uncovered this behavior, saying that, you know, he never really wanted the baby that they had together, that he became withdrawn, he became remote. a young couple. there was something very almost strange about her particular testimony, even when the defense lawyer said, look, why didn't you come and talk to us about what it was you experienced? she said, why would i want to do that? he's trying to kill me. however, and this is the point that sunny makes, that is you've got to look at the charges. he's facing a conspiracy of kid na napping, also accessing a database. so two counts, that's all. when i heard prosecutors give their opening -- >> go ahead, sunny. >> i think the second count is the slam dunk count. if he in fact is a law enforcement, dabbled into a database and broke into a database for other than law enforcement purposes, hey, as a federal prosecutor, that's the easy charge. you got that person.
11:20 am
that's the hook. the other piece of it, while it may be strange in the courtroom, and it may be salacious, that's not enough to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> we'll be watching entirely bizarre. sunny hostin and deborah feyerick, ladies, thank you very much. coming up here, when you are covered in ca tootattoos, you'rg to stand out in a crowd, especially when that crowd is in north korea. look at him. dennis rodman takes a trip to one of the most secretive states in the world. ] [ angry gibberish ] [ justin ] mulligan sir. mulligan. take a mulligan. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is, a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ angry gibberish ] [ fake coughs ] sorry that was my fault sir. [ male announcer ] alka seltzer plus severe sinus. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ male announcer ] try alka seltzer plus severe sinus day and night for complete relief from your worst sinus symptoms.
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just a short time ago, the president warned again of defense industry cuts. should congress fail to reverse one of its messier last minute budget deals. as you may have now heard by now, the across the board spending cuts will hit the pentagon and other federal agencies starting march 1st. that is friday. president's new warning came at a shipyard in virginia, that builds submarines for the pentagon. >> because of these automatic cuts, about 90,000 virginians who work for the department of defense would be forced to take unpaid leave from their jobs.
11:24 am
so that's money out of their pockets. money out of their paychecks. and then that means there is going to be a ripple effect on thousands of other jobs and businesses and services throughout the commonwealth. because if they don't have money in their pockets, less money in their pockets, that means they're less able to afford to buy goods and services from other businesses. >> house speaker john boehner countered today that the president's not focused on a solution, but wants to travel the country and merely score political points. the president wants to replace those across the board spending cuts with the mix of cuts and higher taxes on wealthy. republicans say they're finished raising taxes. now, to some of the hottest stories in a flash. we call it rapid fire. roll it. first up here, blade runner oscar pistorius holding his own private memorial service tonight to honor this woman he shot and killed on valentine's day. 29-year-old reeva steenkamp. the double amputee olympian
11:25 am
stands accused of her murder. he insists he shot her by accident, thinking she was an intruder. and at a time of heightened tension with north korea, the u.s. display found an unlikely diplomat. aka nba bad boy dennis rodman. the hall of famer and some harlem globetrotters hoping to meet with president kim jong-un. he said he's not there as a policymaker. look at his tweets. i'm not a politician. kim jong-un and north korean people are basketball fans, period, end of story. wh . what do you call a retired pope with two full days left on the job? he's the first pope to resign in almost 600 years. a vatican spokesman says he will keep the name benedict xvi, still addressed as his holiness and, take note, you can call him pope emeritus, emeritus pope.
11:26 am
got it, moving on. one year today since george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. here is what he told police about what happened that day. >> he said, you're going to die [ bleep ]. >> now he maintains it was self-defense, but martin's parents say he was racially profiling their son. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder. his trial is set to start june 10th. there is also a stand your ground hearing coming up sooner, april 22nd, that could last two weeks. if the judge finds zimmerman is entitled to immunity, there will be no criminal or civil trial. for the first time in three months, a rocket fired from gaza has landed in southern israel. no one was hurt. but that attack fueled more fears of another spiral of violence, like the one that led to a week-long war back in november. the rocket attack today follows
11:27 am
the death of a palestinian militant in an israeli prison. making news today, former senator chuck hagel survived the filibuster. now president obama's pick for defense secretary could see a vote in the full senate as soon as this afternoon. keep in mind, all of this happening on the same day that obama's nomination for treasury secretary jack lew cleared the senate finance committee an heads to the floor. that is expected tomorrow. coming up, slamming a spaceship into an asteroid on purpose. yep. that's the game plan for keeping the earth out of harm's way when another space rock comes hurdling towards us. will this work? some answers straight ahead. i've always had to keep my eye on her... but, i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks.
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may day, may day. >> we're going down. we are going down.
11:31 am
>> we overshot our landing field. we overshot our landing field. >> oh, yes, killer asteroids in the mission to destroy them before they destroy us. sound familiar? it should if you saw "armageddon" in the 1990s. here's what i want to tell you now. there is a team of scientists planning to do precisely that. their mission is this, to slam a spacecraft into a near earth asteroid. remember this? this teeny-weeny dot. looks teeny-weeny to you and me. blink and you missed it. it was two fridays ago we watched this live. that was the nearest the world came to being hit by an asteroid of its size. so, our own space guru chad myers joining me here. we also have miles o'brien, he's with me. miles, let me begin with you. i want you to explain the theory behind this. flying a perfectly good spacecraft, presumably unmanned,
11:32 am
into an asteroid, why? >> i would not volunteer for that mission. that is for sure. you know, anybody who played a little bit of pool or snookers or billiards understands what's going on here. you hit it and presumably the ball goes in the other direction. in this case the asteroid. it is a small moon, but the idea is to send two spacecraft out there, one would plow into the tiny little moon which orbits around the asteroid, 8/10 of a kilometer in diameter. and the second spacecraft would see what happens. did it change the orbit, or change it in just enough of a way that if it were headed for earth and we should underscore the point that this particular asteroid is only going to come 6 million miles away from us, if it were headed for earth, could we nudge it out of harm's way. that's the idea. >> that's the point, could we nudge it so we don't end up getting hit. we know this group. chad and i were joking, the government always has an
11:33 am
acronym, aida is the acronym. they decided on this asteroid target, tell me about this particular asteroid. >> as i say, it is really just -- it is two rocks. one big one, one smaller one. they won't hit the big rock because the changes that they might perceive would be a little too subtle. they'll hit the little one, kind of like a little moon around it if you will, a binary system to use the term of art in space. and they'll see how much they can move it. now, one of the important things to think about is if we did, in fact, have a big rock headed our way, the kilometer or bigger, it could cause a really bad day for all of us, what would you do? how big a rock would you have to send? would you send a nuclear bomb and blow it up nearby? what happens if in the process of trying to nudge it, you blast it to smith reasesmithereens an have additional rocks. >> these are a lot of ifs. >> we need bruce willis is what we need.
11:34 am
>> if i'm going to take you back to monty python, a two ounce sparrow can not carry a one pound coconut. this is a giant rock and you're going to hit it with a little spaceship. it is like a mosquito hitting your windshield. that doesn't slow your car down. >> ever so slightly it does. >> ever so slightly. >> a lot of mosquitos in theory would in fact do that. the idea is if you spotted an asteroid, headed our way, headed to cleveland, let's say, i just picked that out of my -- >> cleveland? >> don't worry, cleveland. you have 50 years to do something. you could send something up to ding it out of the way, or plant a rocket with a thruster on it and with a little thrust could send it ever so slightly away from earth. you have a chance. unlike the dinosaurs, we have the ability to look out there, see something and do something about it. >> bye-bye dinosaurs. we know how that went with them and the big old asteroid many a moon ago. miles o'brien, thank you so
11:35 am
much. he's an official asteroid hunter, astronaut. >> ten years away. >> yeah, we'll see. chad, thank you. up next, it is here, the hot topic face-off. have you heard about this 9-year-old, 9, 10, i've seen two different ages, blowing ining internet. now his parents are making news because they're being investigated. we'll show you part of the rap video. dozens of republicans, they pulled this about face on gay marriage. what does it mean for the conservative movement? and john kerry is overseas, but so is honey boo boo and she's getting all the attention. panelists are standing by. they will be revealed on the other side of the break. ♪
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and welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. for the next 20 minutes we will be tackling the hot stories you'll be chatting about around the dinner table. and we begin with this pint sized rapper raising all kinds
11:39 am
of eyebrows and some concerns. check him out. ♪ coca-cola word, word, word ♪ >> his name, here we go, his name is lil' boopy, singing about coke ain't a bad word. not entirely sure which coke he's referring to. i heard him say coca-cola. i don't know. one of his tamer videos. there are all kinds of videos posted on youtube. you see this 10-year-old flashing cash, making it rain, rapping in a nightclub, even smacking the back side of a woman. oh, yes. the adult nature of the video caught the attention of the state child welfare authorities. they're now looking into this father saying this could be neglect, could be possibly abuse. they're investigating, but his lawyer says, hang on, this is free speech.
11:40 am
>> he's got a first amendment legal right to sing the rap he's singing. i would absolutely let one of my children participate in the videos. >> let me bring in today's hot topics panel. jacque reid, radio and tv personality. jawn murray, editor in chief of, and hal sparks. hal, let me begin with you. i don't know where to begin. you've seen this video. what do you think? >> i would like to make sure that everyone is clear that it is not lil' poopy. we must pronounce the apostrophe and capitalize it. if filling your kids' head with crap was illegal, the whole site would be shut down. i feel bad for rappers because
11:41 am
how bad must they feel that a 9-year-old can do their job as well as they can. >> he's some part of some big rapping circle. >> they're huge. o? >> jackie, what do you think? >> there was lil' bow wow and lil' romeo, lil wayne. this one is hanging out with diddy. listen, if you're going to bring his father up on charges, you might want to look at those moms on dance moms as well with their behavior, not saying there is anything wrong with what they're doing, but we don't know there is -- >> honey boo boo, sorry. >> we'll go there later. >> there is one thing this is good for and it is good publicity for him and it is raining money on him and his father. he even tweeted, he had 5300 twitter followers, he tweeted, i told my mother i would not spend a day in prison. i have eight different ways to make $8 million. >> let me read what dad says. i love my son, i adore my son. he's not doing anything wrong,
11:42 am
he's not doing drugs or drinking alcohol. there are other kids killing kids, doing drugs, molesting, he's just singing hooks. he's not hurting anyone. >> i dressed up as elvis presley when i was 8 years old and we all know how he turned out. i think at a certain point -- >> brooke, i'll play the voice of reason. lil' poopy's parents are full of crap and the pun is intended. is there a line that says, i should be signed to disney. that's where a 9-year-old should be signed. he should not be smacking women with donkey booties on their butt, he should not be in the club where people are popping bottles. this is the height of inappropriate parenting and i'm glad people are taking a look at it. this is the worst example of a -- >> is this a legitimate case of child neglect based upon the superficial reading we have seen of it? >> if anybody else had their kids in a club where people were popping bottles and shaking their donkey booties, they would
11:43 am
be arrested. the club would be shut down. >> it is entertainment. i think he understands it. i think his parents understand it and they'll make a lot of money because we're all talking about it. >> bow wow, lil' romeo and diggy never did this. >> my little 9-year-old girl is still learning right from wrong. and to put a child in this situation, i'm with you. i think the parents are nuts. is it illegal? no. >> we'll wait and see where the investigation goes. let me move on. we're talking about new jersey governor chris christie, the political powerhouse, with sky high approval ratings. just got snubbed, big time, by one of the most important conservative conferences of the year. why is he off the invite list? could it be pictures like this? we'll go there. next. before and didn't know where to start. at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading.
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11:46 am
chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. new support for gay marriage coming from republicans. the new york times is reporting 75 republican leaders have signed this legal brief in favor of same sex marriage. at least that was as of last night. some well known names on the list here, there photos, jon huntsman, meg whitman who recently ran for california governor at the time, supporter of prop 8. they're asking the supreme court justices to strike down proposition 8, the california initiative banning same sex marriage. the u.s. supreme court hears arguments on it next month, as well as a case that challenges
11:47 am
the federal defense of marriage act. back with my panel. lauren ashburn, i'll begin with you here. 75 prominent republicans signing on to this. do you think this is a sign that conservative tides are changing. >> of course. it is a sea change. if you look at this, it mirrors exactly what the research is showing for the general population. one out of the five of us, one out of five actually are admitting to changing their views on gay marriage. that's according to a story from politico. and the numbers have reversed from four years ago. 49% people, according to pew, say they are for marriage, and 40% against it and that's a complete switch from four years ago. republicans are just acknowledging what the rest of the country is coming to believe. >> you're shaking your head. why? >> first of all, 75 republicans who are fringe now at best and have all but been driven out, you talk about huntsman, whitman, these are people who
11:48 am
lost their elections, who were easily dumped early in the primaries because they were for these kind of things, it is not a sea change in the republicans. as far as the republic, you're right. i don't know which of the five of us have changed our minds, statistically speaking, i think, you know, i certainly have always been for it. but the idea that somehow the republicans are now somehow on board because of this list of republicans is absurd. >> do you think -- >> all i'm saying is that is representative. >> do you think the 75 republicans could have any kind of influence on any of the red states? >> i hope that that's true. i don't see it happening, though. i think the problem is the entrenched congressional districts make sure you have a guarantee that there is a baseline of republicans who are against it, just like they're against women's rights, just like they're against immigration reform, who are hard lining against it. it would be nice -- >> it goes to a bigger issue, really. it goes to a bigger issue. are we going to go, is the republican party going to go with politicians who can be
11:49 am
elected? or are they going to stay with their traditional values and stick with -- >> some view it as principle. that's the issue. >> exactly. are they going to abandon this? >> right. >> jacque, you're listening to this back and forth. what do you think? >> i was going to say, the republicans, i think, that party had a huge awakening after the last presidential election. and looking at the thoughts of the american people. and i think if they want to do well in the next presidential election, they better pay attention to the growing number of people that support things like gay marriage. sure, most of the people who signed this document are not in office, but it will be interesting to see what republicans that are in office will take a stand on. >> and how much the supreme court justices actually take this document into consideration here. let me move on. jawn, you get the first crack of this. chris christie. the big news, this year's sea pac is giving governor chris christie and may possibly,
11:50 am
underline possible, 2016 presidential contender chris christie the cold shoulder. they say organizers did not invite him to the event, which is set to happen next month near d.c. do you think slap in the face or did he dodge a bullet? >> i think it is a slap in the face. for them to snub him and speculation is because of his support of president obama after hurricane -- after the hurricane that ravaged his region, if that is the case, it just goes to show these conservative organizations, they're more concerned with propaganda, personal agenda, and recycled rhetoric and not the things that americans are concerned about right now. they're concerned about safety. they're concerned about a politician giving up on the partisan stuff and being concerned about their well-being. and that's what chris christie is doing. >> it is suicidal for the republicans to do this. this is a guy who has a 70% approval rating in new jersey.
11:51 am
>> but approval rating because of things they're opposed to. that's the issue. sea pac is not indicative of the overall conservative message of the country. >> they have sarah palin coming. they have mitt romney coming. >> giuliani in 2007. >> what was the question? >> i said sea pac said no to giuliani in 2007, but at the same time, as we point out, he's running for re-election in a blue state. at the same time, perhaps it doesn't give democrats as much fodder for ads. >> it will come back to haunt him if he did go. >> maybe conservatives are still irked at him based upon what he said to john boehner when they tabled that -- >> do you go with people who can get elected? do you stand behind them or do you go with people who are close to the values, the values that the core republicans want. that's why you see karl rove who is advocating for the elected
11:52 am
route, starting his own pac, it try to get people who can get elected elected. >> karl rove is in the game of marketing, not politics. he's in the -- his job is winning elections, not governing. and -- >> but he wants to win. you can't govern if you don't win. >> chris christie actually is in the business of governing right now and the sea pac conference is all about people who are not considered in governing, just on either winning or showing off their bona fidas as their new ilk. >> what values? who do you want representing america? secretary of state john kerry or honey boo boo child. that's right. she is going global and it begs the question, which defines america more to our allies? is it our politics or our pop culture? we're talking about that next. n. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again.
11:53 am
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11:55 am
two americans are making big headlines overseas today. the first, the vietnam veteran, former senator, newly minted u.s. secretary of state john kerry in germany. the second stop on his premiere diplomatic tour, visiting nine countries over the course of 11 days. to our allies, john kerry is the new face of u.s. foreign policy. so, who could possibly be making a bigger splash internationally than our new secretary of state? >> you better recognize.
11:56 am
>> oh, yes. honey boo boo. news today that her reality show will air in europe, in australia, in latin america. according to tlc, the show already has huge ratings abroad. it is number three in poland in terms of viewers. so, jacquejacque, begs the ques who is more important, pop culture or politics? >> we know politics is far more important, but people love pop culture and they love honey boo boo. she's already popular in the countries where this show is playing. it is really unfortunate that something like, you know, a diplomatic visit by john kerry is, you know, not even getting coverage the way honey boo boo coming to your country is. >> i think we're overlooking the -- >> i think europeans are smart. they understand the difference between american entertainment and they understand the difference between that and john kerry coming. and, also, the difference between dennis rodman showing up
11:57 am
in north korea. what is that all about? >> i love -- >> the political -- yeah. >> go ahead. >> go ahead, sorry, yeah. i was saying, i think we're overlooking the political ramifications of the honey boo boo strike. essentially what we're looking at here is they send gangnam style, we send honey boo boo. they launch a nuclear missile, we send dennis rodman. i think there is an escalation going on here we need to be concerned about. >> are we not fearful that they think honey boo boo is reflective of us as a american -- >> no. we send lincoln and then we send dude where's my car? right? >> i beg your pardon! we didn't send it, they asked for it. >> for years, african-americans hated the images of us that europeans have seen. i was once in japan, and the kids there looked like they had rummaged through the boys in the hood closet wearing all ubu and
11:58 am
rock a wear and stuff like that. >> i kept thinking, if you have seen clips of the show and they have to use subtitles for some of what they're saying. how do you translate that to spanish? i don't know. >> they're providing -- >> they're putting a dictionary out. they're putting a dictionary out. yeah. >> no. >> yeah, online. >> i also happen to think there is some silver lining in all of this, that honey boo boo's ratings for halloween were 3.1 million or 3.8 depending on the stats you look at and they're falling. the next special after that was 2.1. so maybe we're not going to be saddled with honey boo boo for as long as we think. >> thank you, guys, so much for coming on. little rappers and honey boo boo and chris christie in the mix. coming up, it was one of the darkest days in rock 'n' roll, 11 people crushed and killed at
11:59 am
a stampede outside of a who concert. that was 33 years ago. those fans that waited in line for two days to get tickets to that show, guess what, they finally get to use them. stick around. ♪
12:00 pm
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12:01 pm
as congress bickers over budgets, huge news involving the price of your home. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now.
12:02 pm
tragedy on vacation. a hot air balloon full of tourists crashes to earth. but why? plus, scientists just discovering a fast moving comet. but it is not earth in its cross hairs, it's mars. and more than 30 years ago the who canceled a concert. but, tonight, they're doing something extra special for the fans who kept their tickets all these years. hi, everyone. welcome back in studio 7. i'm brooke baldwin. it is the world's deadliest hot air balloon crash in two decades. just two people survived when this balloon filled with tourists exploded in the skies high above egypt. look at the pictures. this is what is left. 19 people were killed when it came careening to the ground.
12:03 pm
they were tourists. they were from france and belgium, britain, hong kong, japan. they were taking in the sites of the ancient city of luxor when the explosion happened a thousand feet above the earth. that's just shy of the height of the empire state building. ian lee is live for me in cairo. we are hearing there are two people who survived, may have actually jumped before this balloon crashed towards earth. can you just take me through what exactly happened? >> reporter: that's right, brooke. right as the balloon was coming down, it was about ten feet off the ground when things started to go awry, the pilot of the hot air balloon and one of the passengers jumped out. the balloon then caught on fire, sending it straight up into the sky, a thousand feet, up into the air, before it finally stopped and then came plummeting down to the ground. the two people are in the
12:04 pm
hospital, right now. but the head of the civil aviation authority is in luxor, he's investigating what took place. they said that the hot air balloon was operating legally and it had fulfilled all the requirements to operate, although the chamber of tourism says that the company that operates the balloon has had some infractions and they were going to be looking into that right now. egypt has had a history of hot air balloon accidents. four years ago over the span of a couple of months, 80 people were injured in hot air balloon accidents, in luxor. the government shut down the hot air balloon industry for six months to investigate. they said they implemented reforms that should have worked. didn't work this time. right now all the hot air balloons in luxor are grounded. >> tragic. ian lee, thank you. a snowy blow to the nation's midsection here. it is late february. we're talking blizzard. check it out. kansas city, missouri, going
12:05 pm
nowhere fast for the second time in less than a week. poor guy trying to change his tire here. snow drifts in texas, close to three feet deep. we have ted rowlands live for us in chicago's o'hare international airport. ted, stand by for me. i first want to go to erin mcpike, in kansas city. erin, how are things looking out there? >> reporter: actually, brooke, the storm has stopped and the roads are actually clear. and i want to show you this. we're actually at the time where we can see lovely sludge, yuck. so that -- that means it is time for the cleanup to start and kansas city's mayor estimates with last week's snowstorm cost the city about $2 million. they think that this week's snowstorm will cost just a little bit more because it is heavier snow, and that means more trees have come down. but by and large, brooke, people we have talked to here are actually very happy about this
12:06 pm
snowstorm because this is really dry, this area here. it is the third consecutive year of a drought. and this snowstorm has brought much needed moisture, brooke. >> okay, so we have some sludge and moisture in kansas city. thank you, erin. ted rowlands, to you in chicago. never fun. cancellations, flights at o'hare. tell me, give it to me straight, what is the current situation? >> reporter: 230 flights, that's straight up, brooke. as straight as i can give you. the reason, of course, is the snow. it is blowing snow. it is falling for about two hours here. so you've got 230 flights already canceled here at o'hare. most of them proactively because of the weather. another 50 flights at midway. those folks on those planes didn't show up. take a look at the security line. there is nobody here. actually for the flights going out, the passengers are not feeling the pain of the lines, the terminal here in at american is virtually empty. there are a lot of flights still
12:07 pm
going out. chicago is a city familiar with snow and icing and getting planes out continually still, despite the snowfall. whether that will change later in the day, we'll have to see. they expect the snow to continue for the next few hours overnight in chicago. for now, planes are leaving 230 canceled, that's about 20% of the flights. 80% of the flights are getting in and out of o'hare. >> check your flights ahead of time. it ted rowland at chicago's o'hare. thank you. now to this, olympian oscar pistorius holding his own private memorial service today to honor the woman he shot and killed back on valentine's day, 29-year-old reeva steenkamp. the double amputee olympian stands accused of her murder. he says he shot her by accident, thinking she was an intruder. the memorial service for the law graduate and model is happening tonight at the home of pistorius' uncle where he was staying since he was release on bail last week. pistorius is banned from returning to the home he shared with steenkamp.
12:08 pm
that is now a crime scene. attorney general eric holder is the latest obama cabinet chief to warn about the effects of impending budget cuts. he talks today in washington. >> if this so-called sequester goes into effect, it will not only curtail the department's ability to support our state and local partners, it will have a negative impact on the safety of americans across this great country. our capacity to respond to crimes, to investigate wrongdoing, to hold criminals accountable will be reduced. >> so now we have heard from attorney general holder. we also heard from ray lahood, transportation secretary who says the cuts will cause all kinds of flight delays. the agriculture department warning of food inspection furloughs, and possible closures of meat and poultry plants. gloria borger is in washington, all kinds of scary scenarios we have been hearing. other than issuing these dire warnings, is anyone doing anything to try to prevent the
12:09 pm
cuts from kicking in by friday? >> no. you know, just watching the pictures of erin in the snowstorm, i was thinking, it is like we know this huge storm is coming to the country, but nobody is buying a shovel. okay. nobody is getting together and talking. they're trading charges. they're playing a preblame game if you will. and each side is sticking with its own vision. i think the president is really making a calculation here that once these cuts go into effect, and, again, we have to say it is not all going to happen at once, it would happen gradually, but once these things go into effect, the president believes that the country is going it blame the republicans more than it will blame him. >> talk about the president, we saw him speaking earlier this afternoon, in virginia. he's warning of this -- his words, trickle down effect of defense industry cuts. meantime, house speaker john boehner, he went out, essentially said that the president is trying to score
12:10 pm
political points, even started swearing. gloria, how are the two sides crafting the message here so that everyone thinks it is the other guy's fault, you know, once the pain kicks in. >> you know, i think that's what -- that's exactly what they're trying to do. but my point is that at a certain point, if these cuts kick in, and if they're hurtful, as we think they will be, i think what the public is going to start to ask is why didn't you do something to prevent it, and that's where i think the risk of the white house is, because the president is, after all, president of the united states. and so at a certain point, and it is very hard to tell, brooke, when that happens, but at a certain point, public opinion starts to shift. right now it looks like most people would blame republicans. more people would blame republicans than the president. but, that can really shift easily. you see that poll there, 45 to
12:11 pm
32%. but it could shift if people don't like what they see and they say, either a pox on both houses or perhaps maybe the president ought to have a way to lead out of this. >> we have known about this for some time, haven't we, gloria borger? >> we have. it is a man made disaster. >> where is the shovel? gloria borger, thank you very much. some fans bought some tickets to see the legendary rockers the who 33 years ago. look at these tickets. they're slightly old. here is the deal. the concert was canceled. they never got to see them. that is about to change in a matter of hours. that's coming up. also, dennis rodman in north korea? what? we'll tell you why he's there next. oh, hi thehey!ill. are you in town for another meeting? p, i brought my a-team. vo: business trips add up to family time. this is my family. this is joe. hi joe! hi there! vo: earn a ton of extra points with the double your hhonors promotion and feel the hamptonality.
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12:14 pm
[ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. now some of the hottest stories in a flash, rapid fire. roll it. what do you call a retired pope? two full days here left on the job and benedict xvi is the first pope to resign in almost 600 years. a vatican spokesman says he'll keep the name benedict xvi and still be addressed as his holiness.
12:15 pm
and you can also call him pope emeritus, emeritus pope, even roman pontiff emeritus. got it? miss cantwell. >> jack lew one step closer to becoming the treasury secretary with all the aye votes. the senate finance committee approving his nomination earlier today. now goes on to the full senate when he's expected to be confirmed. a stack of secret e-mails between the white house and the cia about last september's deadly attacks in benghazi are now being looked over by the senate intelligence committee. republican senators had threatened to hold up john brennan's nomination as cia director until they saw those e-mails. hear that? the wind, planes here trying to land at san antonio international airport. wind gusts there, 40, 50 miles per hour. those kinds of winds are extreme
12:16 pm
here for san antonio. that went on for eight straight hours just yesterday. defendant jodi arias went at it again with the state prosecutor at her death penalty murder trial in phoenix. really this has become a daily ritual, these two sniping back and forth at each other. here is the latest episode, the prosecutor, juan martinez. >> you just told us that you're having problems answering the question because of the prosecut prosecutor's posture, didn't you tell us that? >> that's not the correct reason, but that's a trigger. >> that's what you told us, right? >> something to that effect. >> right. and so would you like it if i stood over here like your attorney is asking the questions? would that make you more comfortable? >> objection. >> would it make you more comfortable if i stood over here and used the lectern, ma'am? >> and the back and forth
12:17 pm
continues. jodi ari jodi arias says she shot her ex-boyfriend accidentally while holding his gun to keep him at bay. she says she has no recollection of the 27 stab wounds which are considered the cause of death here. housing market picking up steam at the end of last year. the case schiller housing report out today said that prices of homes shot up at an annual rate of 7.3% in the last three months of 2012. number of new homes sold in january jumped 15% from december and a whopping 30% from one year ago. and first lady michelle obama told abc's robin roberts that for her, going shopping at target is quote/unquote, like a dream. the first lady was photographed at a target in 2011. remember, she was wearing the big sunglasses, the disguise, i guess. she said if she had the chance, she is going to, quote, break out of the white house, disguise the family dog bow, do it again. she also talked about why president obama has been going
12:18 pm
gray over the past couple of years. she said, it is not the pressures of the oval office, it is actually fatherhood. >> fathers in particular, i don't think they know how they're going to feel until it happens, you know. there is nothing like the look on his face when malia dresses up for a party, and she's heading out, and he walks past -- she walks past him and you can see his face sort of just drop a little bit, like, what was that? little gray. people think the gray is from his job. it is from his children. >> parents, can you relate? coming up, rock legend the who canceled a concert 33 years ago. a couple of people held on to the ticket stubs, they get to go to the rain check concert tonight. we'll talk to someone who held on to one of the tickets for three decades, next. [ manager 1 ] out here in the winds,
12:19 pm
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12:21 pm
all right, move over, all the rocker groupies. one diehard fan of the who has clearly proven himself after three decades of loyalty. and, tonight, pretty sweet payoff. steve ball never got rid of his two tickets to see the who in providence, rhode island, in
12:22 pm
1979, even though that concert was canceled. ♪ ♪ you can't always get it >> their hit, "another tricky day", the lyrics pole vault story. he didn't get what he wanted and for good reason. 11 people were trampled to death at another who concert weeks before. so for public safety, providence, the mayor, called off the show. now fast-forward 33 years, attending the who concert tonight, here he was with the two ticket stups bs he held on using the same tickets he bought to get in. the manager decided to honor any ticket from the '79 show. steve ball joins me from providence. welcome. i see your who shirt, ready to rock 'n' roll. take me back to '79, freshman in college, wait in line all night long to buy two tickets to the who show, boom, canceled.
12:23 pm
describe your disappointment. >> oh, well, you know, back then being 18 years old, it was total devastation. really looking forward to seeing them. would have been first time when they were in boston in 1976. i was still too young, my mother wouldn't let me go to that show. >> well, now you get to go. you've been to shows before. this is the first in providence, people were trampled in the previous show. the mayor decided to cancel. i know cnn reached out to pete townsend. let me tell you what pete said. i think the mayor of providence made an informed decision at the time. i know it was based on what he knew and we learned the show tonight, the general manager of this venue, who coincidentally was supposed to work that show 33 years ago, he wanted to right this wrong. he's honoring the ticket stubs and you held on to yours. how did you do that? why did you do that? >> i just had this little shoe box i used to put my ticket stubs in there. i've been to hundreds of concerts at the dunkin' donuts center and it always provides a
12:24 pm
great venue. all the shows i had been to, they were always very good shows, never any security issues and i was just totally in shock that that concert got canceled. but i understand then mayor's situation and he had to make that decision. it was a horrible thing that happened in cincinnati at that time. >> here you are, you hop in the car over the weekend, you drive all the way up from richmond to providence, rhode island, for this made good on this show. who gets ticket number two? >> well, fortunately the dunkin' donuts center, when we cashed in those two tickets, at that very moment, also offered us to have other tickets, so i've got both my sisters with me this time. >> so at the time, you wanted to take one of your sisters, she was, what, in high school at the time? >> yes. >> and it is her birthday today. >> yes, her 50th birthday today. happy birthday, louise. but going to be her christmas present because the concert was supposed to be on december 17th,
12:25 pm
1979. >> do you think the who will give you and the other 31 ticket holders from 1979 who will be there tonight, do you think they'll give you a special shoutout? you hope so? >> well, hopefully they will. it will just be great to see them live. this will be my third time and every time they put on a fantastic show, the greatest rock band ever. >> okay. steven ball, thank you. happy birthday to your sister. have a blast tonight. and we have a written piece on sort of how this whole thing went down, the back story of it and more quotes from pete townsend, go to to read the article. have fun. coming up next, seth macfarlane reveals whether he'll host the oscars again after critics blasted his performance sunday night. plus, my fellow space geeks, listen up. first a meteor, then an asteroid, and now a comet heading straight for mars. stay there. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
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nearing the bottom of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. sports, technology, health, science, showbiz news we're hitting it all for you right now, beginning with coincidence or unconventional diplomacy. look at who was in north korea, just weeks after the country talked about blowing up a major american city. dennis rodman, why is he there? goodwill visit, documentary shoot with some of his harlem globetrotters, ready toman saode is no timing involved here, but he tweets he's looking forward to meeting kim jong-un. his agent says rodman wants to tell him the only way to go is peace, not war. quarterback tom brady will stay with the new england patriots three more years at a cut rate price. what's the price? $27 million, according to sports illustrated. but it is a win-win. the pats can cut deals with other players without hitting the league's salary cap.
12:30 pm
and in theory, that will surround brady with more talent to help them return to the super bowl. the deal also puts brady one step closer to retiring with the team that brought him to the nfl. brady can afford to take one for the team. he's married to gisele bundchen, the highest paid super model in the whole world. according to the latest measure of customer satisfaction, the american customer satisfaction index looks at evaluations by something like 70,000 consumers. satisfaction with e-commerce websites overall is up more than a point. but it is down for online travel companies by 2.6%. the biggest decline of all categories. the survey also finds there is very little difference in the customer satisfaction ratings among travel agencies. and parents, if your kids run up the big bill buying
12:31 pm
virtual goodies through free kids kid kids apps without permission, it is almost payback time. if a judge approves a class action lawsuit, as many as 23 million people will get a credit in the itunes store. zain asher is in new york. zain, how do parents qualify for the credit? >> hi, brooke. apple will send notices to the owners of the accounts affected to qualify. customers have to prove three things. number one, they were charged for these purchases. they didn't give their password to the kids, and that they already haven't received a refund. this all stems from a lawsuit filed against apple a couple of years ago by a group of parents, upset when their kids were able to make what are called in app purchases, things like buying add ones to games and other apps without their permission. they say apple made it too easy for kids to buy games. it turns out in some cases children were actually racking up hundreds of dollars in extra
12:32 pm
charges during that window. there have been software updates since then that require users to re-enter passwords when making in app purchases and adjustments that can be made in the ios system that give parents more control. now, it is part of the settlement, apple will give itunes credit for people that were charged $30 in virtual goods or less. those claiming more than $30 can ask for cash. >> zain asher, thank you. now, did you hear, 72 is the new 30? that's the word from german scientists who studied men in japan and sweden. i know, you're like, what? they found that advances in medicine and health care mean we're now healthier in our 70s than our early ancestors were back in their 30s. that means a 30-year-old hunter/gather aer faces the sam risk of dying as a 72-year-old. life expectancy has risen more in last century than it did in the previous 200,000 years.
12:33 pm
> ♪ ♪ i'm throwing my arms around if you plan to watch morrissey on jimmy kimmel live tonight, sorry. make other plans. the singer has canceled in a case of principle over promotion. morrissey is refusing to appear on the same evening as stars of duck dynasty. you heard about this show, this anti-reality show about a family that makes duck calls. the former front man of the smiths is a well known animal rights activist. here is what he says, quote, as far as my reputation is concerned, i can't take the risk of being on a show alongside people who in effect amount to serial animal killers. the jimmy kimmel show will go on with duck dynasty and without morrissey. if you enjoy seth macfarlane's turn as an oscar host, hope you kept it on your dvr, because he swears he's never doing it again. carlos greer, why not? i heard ratings were huge.
12:34 pm
>> keep this in mind. he said this before he hosted the oscars. he was asked this question. he said he had a lot on his plate, it is a very long and grueling job, and he said he probably wouldn't want to do it. it was going to be a one-time thing. it is not because of all of the criticism. >> apparently, let me show you this tweet, let's throw the tweet up on the screen. he was tweeting back and forth with a fan, and so he's back with a fan, would you host the oscars? no way, a lot of fun to have done it, though. i want to move on and talk about this big reveal today, the cast of the next season of "dancing with the stars." who will be dancing? >> i think it is interesting we're not going to see some people there. chelsie hightower will not be on the show anymore. one of the biggest shake-ups, we won't see bad boy maks chmerkovskiy, sorry. >> say that five times fast. >> sorry? yeah. exactly. >> what about andy dick.
12:35 pm
that's a recipe for -- >> andy dick may be -- exactly, he may be the new bad boy. he has a very controversial history. we'll see if he'll be able to paint himself on the dance floor. some other people will be there. your typical mix of athletes, singers, reality stars, wynonna judd. >> who else? >> wynonna judd, she has to battle it out with fellow country star kellie pickler. reality of real housewives of beverly hills star lisa vanderpump will be on the show. we mentioned andy dick. boxer victor ortiz, and comedian d.l. hughley. >> would you do it if asked? >> would i? you know what, i don't know. it seems like a pretty fun show. >> you've seen their abs once they're finished with the season. i would be like, yes, sign me up. sign me up, carlos greer. thank you so much. good to talk to you today. we want to continueeeking out over space, we like to do on the show. just when we got over the meteor
12:36 pm
that slammed into rush, we' edm hearing now that a comet is headed toward mars. chad myers. >> we find a comet, we find an asteroid every day and think it will hit something. >> is that what we think about -- we don't think that about the comet, do we? >> mars, hitting directly, plus or minus 650,000 miles. >> not odds -- >> my truck will never go that far. if it does impact, it would be a big deal. it would probably put some water back on to mars, not enough to make lakes or oceans. but this thing is moving at 35 miles a second. it would be a pretty big impact, wouldn't break the planet, but happens all the time, and it happened millions of times over the cosmos. comets are out there floating around, just primordial soup out there floating around. >> primordial soup? >> billions of years old, stuff that never became a comet, a planet, a star, just out there flying around. just kind of stuff. and eventually, 3-d space, this stuff interacts once in a while.
12:37 pm
they found this 74 days ago. they don't know the exact track. they don't know if it gets close to the sun, will the track change a little bit because of the gravitational pull. but cool to look at. >> chad myer, thank you very much. now ali velshi is up next. talk to me about your money, ali. >> a lot of discussion about whether the forced budget cuts that go into effect this weekend are actually going to hurt people. i'm going to talk to the mayor of philadelphia who will tell us how this is going to affect people living in cities across the country. we'll be right back with more of that. capella university understands rough economic times
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
have led to an increase in clinical depression. drug and alcohol abuse is up. and those dealing with grief don't have access to the professional help they need. when you see these issues, do you want to walk away or step up? with a degree in the field of counseling or psychology from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others. let's get started at from the cnn money newsroom in new york, i'm ali velshi. this is your money. three days to go, forced budget cuts are more likely to happen than not. an estimated 2.1 federal workers face furloughs. 46,000 temporary or contract workers with good paying jobs
12:41 pm
and benefits could lose their jobs. 3.8 million americans collecting jobless benefits will see those slashed. fed chair ben bernanke weighed in today, said the u.s. economy will drop .6% as a result of the forced spending cuts. >> given the still moderate underlying pace of economic growth, this additional near term burden on the recovery is significant. moreover besides having adverse effects on jobs and income, the lower recovery will lead to less actual deficit reduction in the short run for any given set of fiscal actions. >> he sort of doesn't say it in the easiest way possible, but he thinks it is bad if those forced budget cuts go through. according to new figures put out by the white house, states relying on defense spending will be hit hard. in california, 64,000 civilian defense employees will face furloughs. in virginia, 90,000 will face furloughs. in oklahoma, 24,000 civilian military workers will be put out of work. pennsylvania will see 26,000
12:42 pm
civilian defense employees furloughed. but in states like pennsylvania, nondefense programs will see cuts too, $26 million. in primary and secondary education funding will be cut. $21 million in funding for children with disabilities. across the delaware river in new jersey, that state will see funds cut for education, $29 million. $12 million for primary education. $17 million for special education. and we'll see cuts to defense related funding of $59 million in new jersey to army and air force operations in the state. joining me now is mayor -- philadelphia mayor michael nutter. his city sits on the delaware river, separating pennsylvania from new jersey. the economy of philadelphia is affected by the fate and the cuts in both of those states. good to see you. i tweeted that you were coming on, interesting tweets from people. let me ask you this one, somebody says if only cities could figure out how to work without federal money. is that possible? you're going to see those head -- can you live without federal money. >> if they would allow us to have our own printing press, we
12:43 pm
could just print the money ourselves. ali, this is astoundingly irresponsible. here we are, as you laid out, three days before whatever this is, this sequester, hits us, almost impossible at the ground level to truly determine what the impact will be, though you laid out the larger figures in terms of the state. but there are children in head start or early head start who may not have slots very soon. seniors who will be hurt. those with mental illness not getting service. college students not able to get served with work study jobs. public safety and police and fire services could be affected. and our military families not getting their health care. civilian workers at the department -- >> what do you say to this? >> what is the point of all this? >> you are the mayor of a city that had budget problems for some years. it is hard to get as much money as you need to run the city. you had to make cuts already. what do you say to those people
12:44 pm
out there, you know who say, hey, look, we got to cut this. the deficit is too high. we spend too much money, the debt is too big. everybody has got to -- i get that. i understand that. we made those tough decisions in '08, '09, '10 and continue to make them today. we do them in a balanced fashion. a combination of responsible cuts, targeted, strategic, and we put additional revenues on the table. as tough as that is, but these are tough jobs. if people ran for these jobs, no one asked us generally to take these jobs. if you want to make tough decisions, and be in these kinds of jobs, that's what goes with the deal. mayors could never get away with the kind of stuff that is going on in congress right now. you know this town as well as i do. if i had said to myself, well, maybe we'll have trash pickup next week or maybe this service or maybe that service, people will go insane and the same thing is happening coming down to the states and local governments. it is irresponsible. >> you know i love philly, i spend half my time there. here is something that is going
12:45 pm
to affect a major city, as the federal jobless benefits get cut by as much as 10%. how is that going to play out in a city like philadelphia or for that matter cities similar to philadelphia across the country? >> first of all, our unemployment rate is still much too high. but, you know, the money that people are getting through unemployment, they're spending, in the economy. the fed chair said in his own way, going to slow things down. we're coming out of the recession. why is the congress irresponsibly almost pushing the nation, our cities, our great generators of the gross domestic product, why are they pushing us back into a double dip or a second kind of recession? they need to get together, do their job, so that everyone else can get a job. and we just -- we implore the congress to work with president obama on strengthening the middle class, strengthening our economy, and getting people back to work, not throwing them off into unemployment. >> mayor michael nutter, always a pleasure to talk to you from
12:46 pm
philadelphia. thanks very much. and from the cnn money newsroom, that's it from me. same time tomorrow. i'm out. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply.
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>> justin bieber seen in his latest hit video "beauty and the beat". the pop star's mom has a new book, about her life as a young single mom and how she overcame sex abuse, addiction and even a suicide attempt. and now this thursday, she's launching a new initiative using this film called "crescendo" about a mother considering abortion. she hopes to raise money through screenings for pregnancy centers nationwide. and patty molet joins me live from new york. welcome. >> thank you. hi. >> hi. so you were 18 when you had justin and i want to get to your story in a moment. i'm interested to hear when it comes to, you know, pro life, pro choice, you're not taking a stand either way. i'm curious as to why. >> you know, when i came out as
12:50 pm
executive producer on this film, a lot of people were saying it was an anti-abortion film, and it is really just a historical piece on beethoven's mom, a true story, and i'm just not here to make a political stance either way. i'm just here to support and raise money for pregnancy centers. >> let's talk about you and the pregnancy centers, because i read you said, without pregnancy centers, you would not have made it. what do you mean by that? >> you know, i don't know where i would be without that pregnancy center. it took -- they took me in, they gave me a place to stay, you know, they fed us and educated me, and really gave me the confidence i needed to be the mom that i am today. and i just really don't know where i would be without that place. >> let me ask you, pattie, i know you heard of these teen pregnancy shows, shows like "16 and pregnant" and teen mom spin-offs and look at you and the success and your book, and this film, i'm curious if you're at all concerned that these
12:51 pm
success stories sort of glorify the hardships of being a teen mom. >> you know, sure, that's always a concern of, you know, you don't want teen pregnancy being glorified in any fashion. but, you know, i don't know if it is correct, but i've heard the statistics have gone down for teen pregnancy with all the attention being on them. >> this thursday, you are starting your campaign, you're hoping to raise $10 million. what is your message to teen girls? >> well, the pregnancy center, instead of having their regular fund-raiser, they're actually host i hosting events all over showing the film "crescendo" at theaters all across the country. and showing the film ""crescendo" ad
12:52 pm
it's the story of beethoven's mom. i tried to take my life and having a musical son there were a lot of similarities. >> we talked about teen moms and girls and you have a son. we know your sons. what would you say to teen boys? >> what would i say to teen boys? >> yeah. >> as far as what? >> just as far as, i don't know, if we're talking teen pregnancy what kind of advice would you give them? >> oh, you know for me personally i recommitted myself to wait until i was married when i was 21 so my advice is to always wait until you're married. but i know that's not always the case. i know that people are going to make their own designates and i'm just here to hopefully help provide a place and some hope
12:53 pm
regardless of the situation. i know for me the pregnancy center that i lived in has its doors closed now because of lack of funds so our goal so to raise $10 million for pregnancy centers using this film. >> patty mallette your book "nowhere but up." best luck of you. a teenager walking 10 miles in the snow to interview for a job in a thrift store. the teenager asks for directs and gets an unexpected opportunity. we'll tell you that story next. . my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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in this economy how far would you go for a job interview? an 18-year-old bob in indianapolis was willing to walk for miles in the ice and the snow and when he stopped a restaurant owner for directions got something he wasn't exactly expecting. >> i said buddy that's about six or seven miles. i fully expected the next question can you give me some money for the bus. it wasn't. he just kept walking. >> he was out clearing his restaurant's parking lot from ice and snow when he crossed paths with jaquil. >> he said i have an interview at a thrift store. >> said an interview at a thrift store you're walking ten miles in ice and snow to an interview at thrift store. >> he was so impressed with his work ethic he gave him a job at his restaurant on-the-spot.
12:57 pm
he starts monday. >> remember this. the internet sensation when she hit this amazing boom and in it goes. half-court shot during her time-out. this was a college in mississippi. so slow mo. you could so do that, right? right. since ashlee is such the star makes practice she would practice with the harlem globetrotters. she tried to teach these twice. is that a cartwheel? nice. not too bad. ashle nice work. take a look at this house in marylandland, texas. you know what those are inthose are tumble weed. lots and lots of tumble weeds. it's pretty windy in west texas. winds were strong yesterday and this is what they did to josh pitman's house. >> a picture of the entire left side of our house and it's complete lie covered in tumble
12:58 pm
weed. >> imagine pushing the tangle of tumble weeds to a ditch in the back of his house. he said it will take the rest week to finish the job. just in at cnn we're getting chilly new video of this hot air balloon crash that killed more than a dozen tourists. new video here after the break. hey. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four monkey? a baboon? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor.
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